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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thing 11

I have joined Goodreads to keep an online journal about what I've been reading. Once, a long time ago in 2004, a friend of mine went to Japan to teach English for a year. While there she read over 25 books. I thought to myself, "I bet I read about that many in a year, I should keep track." So ever since then, I've kept a little paper journal about what books I've read, and when I've completed them. If they're good, I make little notes about that in the journal too. Now that it's 2010, I should probably update to an online version... that way I can add to my journal where ever I am (which is nice, since I often read while on vacation and don't have my little journal with me). What I like about goodreads is that when I add a book to my bookshelf, it gives me other books that I would read (similar to That gives me good ideas that I my otherwise not have known about.
You can search for me on goodreads, and compare bookshelves with me. My username is KellieDean

Thing 9

As you may have noticed, I've added some gadgets to my blog page. One is a slide show, that still needs some work. It isn't showing my pictures, it's just showing random ones. I tried linking it to my photostream URL, and to my login name on flickr, but neither would work... hence, random pictures. I'll have to keep working on that. Some other gadgets I've added are: A picture of myself caught reading, a picture of my favorite basketball coach, and a poll (which is really a quiz) to see if anyone knows who the coach is. Give it a try!

Thing 8

I have recently completed thing 8 - Flickr. I made an account, uploaded a few photos, and tagged them. I did not think navigating this site was very easy... I kept having to click the back button. I think it will just take some getting used to. I also searched for Jen Waldock and Alicia Duell, and added them as contacts. My Flickr name is deankel3. You can add me as your contact, and see some pictures I took on a trip out west this summer.