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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thing 7

Today I completed Thing 7 by signing up for google reader. It is really convenient because it automatically adds the blogs that I'm following. I also added some education websites, such as: Education Week, Education News and NPR. I added People Magazine to get my fill of celebrity gossip too :) It is pretty easy to use, and I like that it gives you a little preview of the headline, then you can click to get the whole article.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Website!

To accomplish thing #6, I made a new website.

Check it out:

The one you see now is just a test. I can see myself using this in the future as a class website (I'll probably make a new one, or edit my current one. I was just playing around to start).

This can be a great tool for students to access for past, present and future assignments or to get class notes when absent.


Thing 5, Twitter

I have just recently started a twitter account. Follow me! My account name is kelliemdean.

I'm currently following Alicia Duell and Jen Waldock from RB, a friend and fellow softball coach from Michigan, and Michigan State sports (I couldn't help myself)

A friend of mine who works at a bed and breakfast in a resort town told me they sometimes post cancellations on twitter and often fill them within the hour. Seems pretty useful!

I think this may be useful in education to get a hold of people (student, colleagues, athletes) at the last minute to let them know about review sessions, practices or meetings. It may also be a way to remind students of homework or projects.

I'm still exploring how to access this from my cell phone, which I think will be more accessible than my computer.

Google Doc


I used to live in Northern MI, and I went there for my xmas break. On my way back to Illinois today, I got stuck in a nasty nasty snow storm, so instead of going all the way to Chicago, I stopped at a Holiday Inn Express. Now I'm taking advantage of their free wifi to catch up on my seventeen things.

So far, I've accomplished 4 things, the latest being google docs. I've used google docs before for personal things, but have never been great with them, so this was helpful to learn a little more.

I have also used google calendars before, and I'm awaiting access to the 17 things calendar.

Off to thing 5...