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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thing #4

I am now phlogging on ipadio.

You can follow my phlogs by following the link above. If you think I'm really awesome to listen to, you could always make a link to the rss feed too.

I'm not too sure I like the sound of my recorded voice.

I think the biggest benefit for this would be students are able to hear my pronunciation of complex biology vocabulary. It could also be a lot quicker to speak the directions than to type them out. However, on thing is that I feel on the spot when I call in. If I'm typing out directions, I can always go back and change the wording. I expect that I'd want to perfect the wording in my phlogs before I post them, so it may take a little scripting. This could be a cool thing for my students to use to comment on class, labs or projects. Especially since most of them have cell phones anyway. I'll have to explore more to see if there would be a way to set up a class phlog so everyone could call in and listen to each others comments.


  1. Hi Kellie,
    Would you be able to move your Prezi, maybe into the text of the Prezi post? It's actually appearing in front of your iPadio post, so I can't read it or see the link. And I really want to listen to your phlogs! ;) Thanks!

  2. I don't like the sound of my voice either- it slightly creeps me out. But I thought yours was just lovely! :) Thanks for phlogging!